Climax 745 P3 half mask

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Climax 745 P3 half mask
Climax 745 P3 half mask
Climax 745 P3 half mask
Climax 745 P3 half mask
The Climax half mask 745 has been designed in accordance with EN 140:1998 and with the Regulation (EU) 2016/425.
Notified body involved in charge of the EU type examination: Apave Sudeurope SAS. Notified Body 0082, CS60193, 13322 MARSEILLE CEDEX 16 - France.
Notified body for conformity to type based on Module C2: Apave Sudeurope SAS. Notified Body 0082, CS60193, 13322 MARSEILLE CEDEX 16 - France
Declaration (EU) of conformity:
The Climax half masks 745 and Climax filter 755 set has been designed for entering polluted environments with oxygen content of over 19, 5%. The set does not supply breathable air; instead, it purifies the existing air when it
passes through the filter. It is important to determine the following information before use:
• Identify the nature of the substance(s) that may be in the work environment.
• The maximum concentration of toxic substances that may be in the work environment.
• That there is enough oxygen in the work area.
• The threshold limit value (TLV) for each substance identified.
• The amount of time the mask-filter set will be required.
Gas filters. All the gas filters belong to one of the following types:
Type Color Application
A Brown Organic vapors, solvents with a boiling point of > 65º C
B Grey Inorganic gases and vapors
E Yellow Sulphur dioxide and other inorganic gases and vapors
K Green Ammonia and derivatives thereof
The A, B, E, K type gas filters are classified according to their capacity in the following manner:
Class 1: Low capacity filters
Class 2: Medium capacity filters
Class 3: High capacity filters
Particle filters. Particle filters are classified into three classes, according to their filtering effectiveness: P1, P2 and
Type Colour
P1 Low effectiveness 80 % retention White
P2 Medium effectiveness 94 % retention White
P3 High effectiveness 99.95 % retention White
Combined filters. Gas filters including particle filter.
Special filters:
Type Colour Application
NO-P3 Blue - White Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2, NOX )
Hg-P3 Red - White Mercury vapours
For correct use, the half mask should fit the shape of the face, with the head harness fitted around the crown of the head and the lower strap behind the head (see figure 1). Gently pull the rubber strips to adjust their length.
To check that the set is well fitted, inhale with the filter screwed in while blocking the passage of the air. The half mask should contract and stick to the user’s face. Make sure that the filter that you are going to use is going to
protect you from the substances present in the contaminated area. Only use filters in their original sealed packaging. To fit the filter, line the filter holder outputs up with the filter grooves and rotate it a quarter of the thread length
to the right.
Use only Climax spare parts.
When stored as stated, the expected shelf life of the half mask is 5 years from the manufacture date. The manufacture date can be established by examining the date clock on the inside of the face piece. The expiry date is valid as
long as they have not been removed from their original packaging. The expiry date will change if the filter is not in its original packaging or has not been stored under the specified conditions. If we take into account that the filters
gradually become saturated, the user can tell when they have expired when any characteristic of the pollutant is perceived (through taste, smell, itch, etc) in the case of chemical filters, and increased resistance to breathing in the
case of mechanical filters. You should leave the contaminated area at this precise moment. The expiration date will be valid only if the reseller and users comply with the storage conditions.
Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the half mask works correctly and provides the appropriate level of protection. Keeping record is necessary (purchase date, date of first use, date of regular checks and other relevant
information) in order to know the history of the equipment.
Half mask: Check the expiration date and condition of the half mask before each use. Check all parts for tears, brittleness or deformations. The valve discs must be movable; the valve seats must be clean and undamaged.
Inhalation valve/ exhalation valve: Check whether the inhalation valve disc sits evenly on the sealing surface. If the valve disc has to be replaced or cleaned, grasp the valve disc at the edge and pull it.
Work to be performed Maximum interval
Before use After use Every year
Test visual y funcional x
Cleaning and disinfection x
Replace exhalation valve x
Replace inhalation valve x
The year of manufacture of the exhalation/inhalation valve disc is calculated by the year specified on half mask. Replace head harness Loosen the head harness tapes from their support and place them back into place.
If disposal of parts is required this should be undertaken in accordance with local health and safety environmental regulations.
The valves and the filter must be removed before carrying out any such operation. We recommend that the set be used by one person only. If it is going to be used by more than one person, it must be disinfected using a solution
of 70 % ethyl alcohol as disinfectant. It must be cleaned using neutral soapy water. You must never use petroleum derivatives, chlorinated fluids or basic organic solvents. Rinse with clean water. Dry the parts completely. Clean the
filter casing with a dry cloth.
Store the set in a clean, dry place, away from moisture, direct sunlight and pollutants in the following conditions.
Temperature: + 2 ºC to + 70 ºC
Humidity: < 90% relative humidity.
Storage in conditions other than those recommended by the manufacturer may affect the expiry date of the filter. During transport, we recommend that you keep the set in an airtight bag.
The half mask includes the following information:
Model: 745
European Norm: EN 140:1998
Manufacturing date: Clock format (year/month)
Notified body: CE 0082
Skilled persons who have been adequately trained or who use the half mask under the supervision of a competent supervisor may only use the half mask 745. It is unlikely that the requirements for leakage will be achieved if
facial hair passes under the face seal The equipment must not be used in environments where the level of oxygen is lower than 19.5%. This equipment should not be used in explosive environments or in atmospheres enriched
with oxygen. Use of the filter is limited to the concentration of toxins in the environment. The maximum concentration for which it may be used will depend on the TLV, (threshold limit value for each kind of gas). B and E type filters
must not be used in cases where the concentration of CO2 is greater than 0.1% (volume). Do not alter or modify the half mask/filter, as this will alter any certification and may contribute to reducing the user’s protection. The filter’s
useful life is limited. In the case of Hg-P3 filters, the maximum duration is 50 hour. If disposal of parts is required this should be undertaken in accordance with local health and safety and environmental regulations. The use of
gas or combined respiratory protective devices, especially those which are not directly connected to the face piece during work with open flames or liquid metal droplets may cause serious risk due to the ignition of the charcoal
containing filters which may generate cute levels of toxic substances.
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