SPIRO-301 FFP 1 NR D protective mask

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SPIRO-301 FFP 1 NR D protective mask

SPIRO®-301 FFP1 NR D protective masks
® - registered trademark, certificate number 402328
EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 (EU) 2016/425

Technical description

The "SPIRO®-301" protective mask is designed to protect the human respiratory system individually from different types of aerosols (dust, smoke, fog): of plant origin (hemp, cotton, wood, tobacco, flour, sugar, carbon powder) of animal origin (wool, horn, bone, leather, flake powder), metallurgical (iron, cast iron, steel, copper, lead powder), mineral origin (emery, cement, glass, limestone, road dust, mineral and organic artefacts).

The "SPIRO®-301" protective mask is perfect for everyday use: when treating garden plants from pests (using insecticides and various pesticides), when cleaning rooms (using detergents) and when repairing and building at home. (during assembly and disassembly, during painting, plastering work, when painting radiators, etc.).

The "SPIRO®-301" protective mask does not protect the respiratory system from gases and vapors of harmful substances.

The protective mask is designed for use when the oxygen concentration in the air of the work area is not less than 17% (volume percent).

Operating temperature range of protective masks: minus 40 ° C to plus 70 ° C.

The "SPIRO®-301" protective mask is disposable (for shift use) and is marked with the letters NR.

The protective mask is tested for dust resistance and marked with the letter D.

Type of personal protective equipment: personal protective equipment against chemical agents - aerosol personal respiratory protective equipment with filter half mask.

Restrictions on the use of a protective mask: age of children and medical contraindications.

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